Saturday, May 3, 2014

Gwen's 1st Holy Communion

Today is Gwen's First Holy Communion and I'm super excited.  We chose this mass so that I can leave for work in the morning and still have my full week of teaching in Eau Claire too.

So here's the game plan:  Party in our teeeny-tiiiiiiny apartment with our families, then go and show them our 27 days from completion home, then go over and take pictures of Gwen at the church.  Mass is at 5:00.  Group Pictures after Church and then our families will take off for their homes.

Crazy?  Yes, but we can do it!  Life will get easier.  I keep reminding myself.  I won't have to cram a party into 450 square feet soon and then phew!

Pictures of Gwen will surely follow.