Monday, June 30, 2014

The Sky was On Fire

The sky was on fire tonight after terrible storms rolled through.  It was so gray and dark and rainy all afternoon and evening.  All of a sudden, I thought a house was on fire.  Maybe struck by lightning?  No!  It was the sun and the most brilliant sunset.

First more peach, but then an amazing orange-red color.  It looked like the sky was on fire.  

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

You're going to laugh, but...

I wrote my post about wanting sleep and I forgot to post it.  Yeah.  I was tired.

I got some pretty good sleep last night!  I'm hoping it keeps me going through the day!

Today I'm reopening my Etsy shop with items I have in stock, so if you're looking for baby bibs, take a peek!  I'll be listing more throughout the day!

Each style of bib and each bib is a little different, so if you get two of the same "fruit" or "veggie", you'll see variation.  It makes it fun and interesting for me.   Plus, each fruit and veg in nature has variations all onto it's own.  They make great baby gifts!

Hope you peek!

Asking for one good night's sleep.

I'm so freaking tired.  I haven't slept well in weeks.  I kept blaming it on the terrible storms that we had blowing through at night, but the storms have stopped and my sleep still is stinky.

I'm hoping for a good night's sleep tonight.  Making everything line up tonight.  The kids are practicing early.  I'm running a couple errands now, so I'll be able to go bed with the kids too.

Cross your sleepy fingers.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Then there were FOUR!

Now we have four eggs in the nest!  The kids and I have become addicted to peeking in the nest when Mama has gone for lunch.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Three eggs in the nest

Came back from our first day back in the public school system.  Entering the school rooms and asking for things proved to be a bit traumatizing for the kids, but when I picked them up, they seemed to be in better spirits.  After the hour and ten minutes of class, we were off to the area high school (of course we got lost) for swimming lessons.  The kids rocked their levels.   I think it will be a good experience  for them.

We got home to find another egg in the nest.  I thought, after a night of rain, the nest would be the same, but Mama Robin is still there, sitting and happy.  The nest is definitely muddier than yesterday, but that hasn't phased Mama.  The third egg is a bit scratched up, but Mama doesn't leave for more than a minute, so I don't have a chance to get in there and peak but for a few seconds.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

All of our eggs are in one nest

Well, there are only two eggs so far, but they're in the same nest.  Mama Robin's nest to be exact.  She went for a quick fly, so ran out and took this quick pick.  She's back sitting on her nest now too.  Kids are hoping for a third!

Hey Rubbermaid! I have an idea for you!

Dear Rubbermaid Tote Company,

Why oh why don't you make a basement shelving system for storing your awesome totes that most pack-rat Americans own to store all of their stuff?  I know I'd buy a bunch of your not-for-purchase "Basement Solutions:  Tote Shelving System" for my basement.

The metal systems that are on the market are not working.  They're too short.  Can really only hold two totes and one level of random junk, plus they're flimsy.  Your new ones can be metal or some kind of Rubbermaid awesomeness, but not the current ones that stink.

You know.  It's the stuff that looks kinda like this:

Requirements of the shelving system:
  1. Easy to install
  2. Adjustable in height and width:   Totes and Ceilings come in many different heights.  Perhaps this could be trimable?
  3. Attach to the wall, floor, and and possibly ceiling, because I'm a careful lady.  I love that song, "SAFETY DANCE" from the 1980's.  ROCK ON!
  4. Strong.  It needs to hold my college books in a tote and lots of totes full of kids clothes, and my husband's grandma's depression glass.  See the afore mentioned "Pack-rat Americans comment"
  5. Fast to assemble (Job to be completed in a weekend).
  6. Easy to clean (Cuz I'm not afraid to say that I think I'm a bit OCD that way.
  7. Cost-effective (duh)
  8. Would be nice if it used recycled materials.  (Not a requirement, but I'm Earth friendly.)
I'm no shelving design expert, but if I could get a section of really nice Rubbermaid Basement Tote Shelving System for a couple hundred bucks, I'd bite!  I'd probably get a few sections (2-3 sections at least).  Maybe a year later, I'd get another section.  This could lead you to other basement storage systems.  Hanging storage, closed storage, shoes, Winter gear/Summer gear.  The list could go on and on.   

By the way, I love all your other products.  Now that we're putting together our new house, we have purchased a ton of your items (again) to make our house run smoothly.  

I really hope you think about my idea of Basement Storage solutions.  


Digging out and digging in.

We've moved (again) It's been a process, but it's getting there.  I have a basement, garage, and an office full of boxes, but the rest of the house is in pretty good shape.  Now I bring in a box, unpack it, and get rid of the cardboard.  I've learned that there are some larger items that are "kinda" in the house and aren't working.  Our large, leather couch is one.  It's just too big for our living room.  It's going to be there for a few months.  I don't have the time or the energy to go out and buy new furniture for the room.  We can make due for now, have an over-sized couch and get new couches in the fall or winter.  It looks a little crowded, but whatever.

The office is a disaster.  We didn't have a room dedicated specifically to being an office, so this is completely new and we need office furniture.  This room we will be tackling in the next month.  In our last house, we had a room in our basement that was a guest room/office/craft room and it was AWESOME!  It was huge and it did all the stuff we needed.  Now we have a good size office, but no craft room or guest room (because I have a studio and waiting room).  So we have a lot of arranging to do.

The basement is well...AHHHH!  We had to clean out the unfinished part to build shelves--hopefully to be complete in the next few weeks.  So all the boxes are in the studio, waiting room, and family room.  It's a mess, but with a purpose.

The garage is a work in progress.  I had a friend come and pick up almost all the boxes we had for her upcoming move.  My parents came down for a super quick visit and they took a box of stuff and their twin-sized mattress.  So, things are moving out instead of in,

I'm so anxious to get things settled.  I've been in this upheaval since we moved to the Madison area in January.  I try hard every day to get as much done as possible.  I want to be settled and I don't want to start thinking ahead to my teaching until things at home are in order.

On the bright side, today is our anniversary.  Twelve years!  Hard to believe how fast it's gone!  Boone had flowers delivered as a sweet surprise.  So pretty.

On another bright side, I'm itchy for Disney and I'm pretty sure I'll be planning again soon.  It's been a year and a half since we've been there and I can't take much more.  I miss my Mickey.

More brightness!  We have renters!  We have a momma Robin laying eggs in the tiny hydrangea tree we just planted in the front of the house.  She's laid one egg and I'm pretty sure she's laying another as I write.