Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hey Rubbermaid! I have an idea for you!

Dear Rubbermaid Tote Company,

Why oh why don't you make a basement shelving system for storing your awesome totes that most pack-rat Americans own to store all of their stuff?  I know I'd buy a bunch of your not-for-purchase "Basement Solutions:  Tote Shelving System" for my basement.

The metal systems that are on the market are not working.  They're too short.  Can really only hold two totes and one level of random junk, plus they're flimsy.  Your new ones can be metal or some kind of Rubbermaid awesomeness, but not the current ones that stink.

You know.  It's the stuff that looks kinda like this:

Requirements of the shelving system:
  1. Easy to install
  2. Adjustable in height and width:   Totes and Ceilings come in many different heights.  Perhaps this could be trimable?
  3. Attach to the wall, floor, and and possibly ceiling, because I'm a careful lady.  I love that song, "SAFETY DANCE" from the 1980's.  ROCK ON!
  4. Strong.  It needs to hold my college books in a tote and lots of totes full of kids clothes, and my husband's grandma's depression glass.  See the afore mentioned "Pack-rat Americans comment"
  5. Fast to assemble (Job to be completed in a weekend).
  6. Easy to clean (Cuz I'm not afraid to say that I think I'm a bit OCD that way.
  7. Cost-effective (duh)
  8. Would be nice if it used recycled materials.  (Not a requirement, but I'm Earth friendly.)
I'm no shelving design expert, but if I could get a section of really nice Rubbermaid Basement Tote Shelving System for a couple hundred bucks, I'd bite!  I'd probably get a few sections (2-3 sections at least).  Maybe a year later, I'd get another section.  This could lead you to other basement storage systems.  Hanging storage, closed storage, shoes, Winter gear/Summer gear.  The list could go on and on.   

By the way, I love all your other products.  Now that we're putting together our new house, we have purchased a ton of your items (again) to make our house run smoothly.  

I really hope you think about my idea of Basement Storage solutions.