Monday, June 23, 2014

Three eggs in the nest

Came back from our first day back in the public school system.  Entering the school rooms and asking for things proved to be a bit traumatizing for the kids, but when I picked them up, they seemed to be in better spirits.  After the hour and ten minutes of class, we were off to the area high school (of course we got lost) for swimming lessons.  The kids rocked their levels.   I think it will be a good experience  for them.

We got home to find another egg in the nest.  I thought, after a night of rain, the nest would be the same, but Mama Robin is still there, sitting and happy.  The nest is definitely muddier than yesterday, but that hasn't phased Mama.  The third egg is a bit scratched up, but Mama doesn't leave for more than a minute, so I don't have a chance to get in there and peak but for a few seconds.