Saturday, July 5, 2014

I should have taken pictures of all the stuff we've taken to Goodwill and St. Vinny's

Over the past 8 months (and still going), I should have been taking pictures of all the crap stuff we've taken to Goodwill, St. Vinny's, Savers, and any other donation place.  It just keeps going out.  THANK GOD!  With every carload of stuff that leaves our possession, I feel a little more control that I regain of my life.  Today, was two HUGE boxes of garage and holiday stuff, ANOTHER comforter (yes, I admit I have a problem), and decorations that just won't work for us anymore.  I'm so happy that it is gone.  Now just to get rid of another 10 car loads.

The office is starting to clear out.  The basement and garage too.  I can feel the weight in my chest start to lighten up.  The anxiety that I was feeling is still there, but less.  I can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Now to get Boone to build shelving in the basement to store even more crap that we probably don't need, but feel we still do.  UGH.

I wonder how much stuff we've gotten rid of (weight, carloads, whatever).  I know a lot, but still more to go.  I love that we're getting rid of it.  Should we need to move again (WE BETTER NOT FOR A WHILE), it will be so much easier.  Wish we would have had more time to clear this junk out before.