Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Curtains make the Room

We're still slowly moving in.  I think we'll be moving in until at least Christmas, but I think my definition of "moving in" is more about making our house, OUR HOME.  The house got a little more home-y when we hung curtains!

I found a website with great long-length curtains at a great price!  Curtainworks.com has great long curtains and you don't have to sell a child, name your next born child "curtainworks", or even part with a limb to have nice curtains in your tall room!

Here are my before pics (sorry, they're taken with my cell phone because I can't find my little camera's battery charger):

I forgot to pull up the wood blinds.  

Here are the after pictures.  I love the look now.  It makes the room look and feel so much more finished and warmer.

I can't wait to hang some pictures on the wall on the left and to organize and decorate a little bit more. Starting to look and FEEL a bit more like home.