Friday, August 15, 2014

Our basement shelves are spectacular!

Boone made some basement shelves and they are spectacular!  They hold tons of our junk and we have come so far in our moving of stuff since they've been built.  We have the heavy duty shelves and the lighter duty shelves.  They both rock!

Heavy duty shelves.  Holding tons of stuff.  Still have a few more boxes to go through.  No, I don't have a universal style of totes, like all the pretty pictures.  My totes are all rando, but they work.  

Side view of my heavy-duty storage shelves.  I even hang our half-Christmas tree on the side.  Every space gets used!

Here's the light-duty shelves.  They can hold Gwen (at 55 pounds) without bending at all.  They can hold a LOT of random stuff that we need to get to on a kind of regular basis.  Jello-molds, heaters, blenders, kids art project holders, etc.