Sunday, August 31, 2014

Skipping the Traditional Mug Shot School Pictures This Year

I'm skipping those nasty school pictures this year.  The kids had to take what I call a "mug shot" for the year book, but for the house wall and to hand out with Christmas cards or whatever, I'm taking over!  No more MUG SHOTS for us!

We had about five minutes at the public library in my hometown--it has a wall of windows--and my camera.  No packed clothes.  Just whatever they were wearing that day.  We did have a hairbrush, so I consider myself lucky.

I may go and try again, but these are the shots I captured with just a few chances.  I still need to work on some editing due to the changing light, but they turned out better than what I could get at school and the kids had a chance to get creative too--"PICK YOUR POSE".

 Loving that I'm starting to feel more confident in my photography skills.  Not 100%, but better.  I love the magic that I can capture.