Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Super Cute Bobbin Ornament Tutorial

Not sure if I told you that my sewing machine died at the end of making my first quilted wall hanging, but I ended up getting an amazing new machine a Viking.  I LOVE IT!  The bobbins for the Viking are different from my old machine, so I made this adorable bobbin ornament.  I saw something like it on Pinterest a while ago, but I'm not sure where.  So, here's mine!

Hot glue those bobbins down to a piece of green felt.  
When cooled, cut the felt into a triangle tree shape.  
More hot glue for the cute little buttons.  
I hot glued the buttons for "tree trunk". 
Feed the hanger through the opening and hang it up!  

This is a great way to use old bobbins that are a little bent and no longer work, or if you're like me and you have a new machine you can use bobbins that you no longer have a purpose.  I LOVE IT!  

You could easily do this project with kids, girl scouts, or if you're like it by yourself!