Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Horror Fest at the Ace Hardware

Barrett had his first 5th grade orchestra concert last night.  He prepared us by telling us that it is "a horror fest".  Admittedly, it was a rough concert, but I understand that the majority of the students do not take private lessons, parents are not involved with practice, and have limited practice when "on their own".  It was exactly what I expected for a first concert.

Today, I had to run to the hardware store to pick up some sand for the driveway.  There was an older gentleman talking to the clerk about how he "had to go to his grandson's concert last night" and how the kid's dad told him that he sounded like he was "skinning a cat" and he made some awful screeching and laughed.  It made me feel really sad.  Unfortunately, the grandpa was on the way out the door.  I would have loved to have a chat with him about the impact that moment could have on what his grandson is doing.

Barrett may be lightyears from what other kids are doing in his beginning orchestra class, but we're teaching him how to be a supporter, a teacher, a leader.    I hope that the boy who was told that he didn't sound good will persevere and continue and that he has confidence in himself to continue on.   To me, the horror fest was at the Ace Hardware.